LFB Solutions, Inc
"We put through the planter, they read about it in a book somewhere."

About Us

LFB Solutions, Inc

was founded on October 11, 2004 in Coldwater/Southern Michigan.

Our main focus is whether it pays our customers to use our recommendations. Whether it be a fertilizer product, tillage method, seed product, or any other agronomic method, or technique.

We believe strongly in the concept of Maximum Economic Yield.  There is someplace just short of maximum yield, that gives us the highest paying yield.  That is the one we are shooting for, and the one we desire to help you achieve.  Just a few examples: Improved performance, or higher yields, can often be achieved through the precise placement of nutrients, and precision application of those nutrients.  Improved performance can often be achieved by what goes on underground, by unbinding the root system.  Improved performance can often be achieved through the use of Insecticides, or  Fungicides, or timely planting.  Often times, we can improve the performance of a crop for little to no additional cost!

LFB Solutions Inc
was founded to sell some of those products to improve performance.

Bill Moyer, our Agronomist, has 40 years of experience in fertilizer, seeds, chemicals, and   general consulting.
 His specialty is Corn and Soybeans, with experience in Wheat, Alfalfa, and in Seed Corn.

While he claims no expertise in Sugar Beets,  he learned more about them one summer on his knees in the
Saginaw Valley of Michigan, than he intended! 

LFB Solutions, Inc
is about YOU making more money!

LFB Solutions, Inc  
578 N Union City Rd Coldwater, MI 49036
Phone: (517) 812-2483
Website: www.lfbsolutionsinc.com

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