LFB Solutions, Inc
"We put through the planter, they read about it in a book somewhere."

Crop Consulting

"Nobody I know has a better understanding of liquid fertilizers than does Bill Moyer!”  
- Ed Winkle, Crop Consultant, Southern Ohio


LFB Consulting Solutions focus has always been
“is it profitable for our customers to do what we are recommending?”  

At LFB Consulting Solutions, we help you to optimize each field’s potential,
while not over utilizing nutrients where they are not needed.  

We believe in achieving Maximum Economic Yield.  
(The point at which you produce the highest yield economically feasible on your property.)

At LFB Solutions, We Have 40 Years of Consulting Experience

We have specialized in Corn, Soybeans, and Wheat with Knowledge in Other Unique Crops

 We also have background Experience with fertilizer retailers and major seed companies.

Certified Professional Consultant (CPC)

As your consultant you will be utilizing my knowledge, not only of what is,
but of ideas that may become common practice in the future!  

“If you are looking for seed-placed starter fertilizer information, Bill Moyer has literally thousands of trials with different starter fertilizer treatments.”   – Russ McLucas Pa. Farmer on NewAgTalk.com

LFB Solutions, Inc  
578 N Union City Rd Coldwater, MI 49036
Phone: (517) 812-2483
E-mail: BillMoyer@lfbsolutions.net
Website: www.lfbsolutionsinc.com

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