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"We put through the planter, they read about it in a book somewhere."


They don’t have a clue whether their recommendation pays for you!

Often, fertilizer dealers recommend products and services to you that they have no idea whether it will "pay you" to use them
or not. So why do they recommend those products, or services?

Because those are the products or services they were taught to sell!  Why do they raise seed plots, but not "fertilizer plots"?

What is the #1 tool they use to sell those products? Soil tests!  If you truly understood what that soil test was saying (or maybe not saying), what you do from a fertility standpoint might be considerably different than it is today.  Like most industries, the less you understand about something, the easier it is for “the expert” to extract what he wants from your wallet!

I grew up in the traditional fertilizer industry after graduating from Purdue University with a degree in Agriculture.  After a year as a Sales Representative, they promoted me to Retail Outlet Manager at a plant in NW Ohio. Another 4 years, and I took a job with a seed company in Southern Ohio.  About 12 years later, I moved to Southern Michigan to be a Retail Outlet Manager with another fertilizer company.  It took a 3rd fertilizer company before I had ever been involved in the raising of fertilizer plots.  Those replicated plots produced more fertilizer research information each year than most Retail Outlet Managers see in their careers.

Most don’t have a clue!

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