LFB Solutions, Inc
"We put through the planter, they read about it in a book somewhere."

LFB Solutions, Inc

LFB Solutions, Inc

was founded to be a little different than most.

For years, our main focus has been
is it profitable for our  customers to
do what we are recommending

If not, why not?

LFB Solutions, Inc can help you find the optimal solution for your needs.

As you navigate around our website,
you will see that our main focus is putting more money in your pocket,
whether through the use of our fertilizer products,
or by using different techniques and tillage practices,

or with our Agronomic Consulting program.

LFB Solutions, Inc  
578 N Union City Rd Coldwater, MI 49036
Phone: (517) 812-2483
E-mail: BillMoyer@lfbsolutions.net
Website: www.lfbsolutionsinc.com

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